No Hype Just Love And True Dedication

Wemoto Clothing joined forces with Overkill, 43einhalb, Asphaltgold and The Good Will Out to present the „NO HYPE JUST LOVE AND TRUE DEDICATION“ pack.

This collaboration is about the love and dedication that unites all people living our culture. The joy for products and design. We are dedicated to our own scene and we do it for the love of it.

Sure Hype is a big aspect of our culture but it shouldn’t be the main focus. We need to make our own decisions if we love the execution of a product and the item itself insteed of buying it just because of the hype.

The NO HYPE JUST LOVE AND TRUE DEDICATION claim is a homage to the time when products spoke for themselves and not who’s marketing budget is the biggest to generate an artificial hype.

Each Shop has a stand alone pack containing of a Longsleeve, Cap and Trench Coat. While the Trench Coat is not for sale, it’s only for Family and Friends.

The Shop’s will release their Longsleeve and Cap instore on Saturday 29th of April.

Online Release is Saturday night 29th of April at 12:00AM at,,, and at our very own webshop

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