Wemoto x Jost Ping Pong Parlour Collaboration

Remember those endless sessions of playing rounders that kept you busy during school breaks?

Or maybe you’re still challenging friends & family to a friendly ping-pong match after work or

on the weekend? Table tennis connects people – and now even brands: In their new joint capsule

collection, Wemoto and JOST pass the ball back and forth. The initial idea hit the table at – where

else – a ping-pong match between long-term friends Stefan Golz (co-owner/creative director

of Wemoto) and Marco Lachner (creative director at JOST). The resulting line comprises eleven

products, ranging from t-shirt, beanie and track pants to pencil case, wallet, crossover bag,

the characteristic JOST signature X-Change bag and, not to forget, a ping-pong paddle sleeve with integrated ball storage.






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