Wemoto x Jost Ping Pong Parlour Collaboration

Remember those endless sessions of playing rounders that kept you busy during school breaks?
Or maybe you’re still challenging friends & family to a friendly ping-pong match after work or
on the weekend?
Making its way from Wiesbaden, Germany to Bangkok. WEMOTO, which doesn´t have anything to do with motorbike as it seems from the name, was founded by a group of 3 friends, Patrick Lotz, Stefan Golz, and Gregor Garkisch in year 2003. Looker Magazine sat down with Gregor Garkisch to learn more about the brand.

Podcast - 007 - Sebastian Fiegen

Senil Sounds from Sebastian Fiegen.

Podcast - 006 - Jeremaier

Straight from Cologne from the Homie Jeremaier.

Podcast - 005 - Nervous Nils

Ash Walker, Nosaj Thing, Pilooski, Kutmah, Flying Lotus and more.
Nervous Nils: "Smooth, relaxed and psychedelic mix of various genres. Designed for your mind. I created this mix for my friend's popular streetwear label 'WEMOTO' for their podcast series."
Wemoto Clothing joined forces with Overkill, 43einhalb, Asphaltgold and The Good Will Out to present the „NO HYPE JUST LOVE AND TRUE DEDICATION“ pack.

Podcast - 004 - Viktor Talking Machine

Our friends @viktor_talking_machine came through with a great mix.⠀
Head over to and party.⠀

Podcast - 003 - Tilman

just right for the #weekend . a new great and sunny mix podcast from @tilman_klamauk_fine is on! Thanks bro, one ❤️!!!
We joined forces with Casio G-Shock, Europe and created this Package.

Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

German streetwear brands are renowned for doing simple, sleek basics well, and Frankfurt label Wemoto doesn’t let the side down.

Podcast - 002 - Abdel Hady

Our new Landing Page is live and features a great podcast by our friend Abdel Hady. You should head over to and check it out

Podcast - 001 - SUPERFREUND

Our "Superfreund" put together a Podcast for us. Check it out!

Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Fusing mature casualwear with sport and street influences, budding minimalist brand unveils next year’s offering.