Wemoto X Ruttkowski68 X Horfee

The Wemoto x Ruttkowski68 x HORFEE  Special Box features original artwork by french artist HORFEE. He studied at the school of fine arts in his hometown of Paris and he painted graffiti. Seamlessly moving between media, Horfee's style is inspired by everything from European abstract painting to homemade tattoos, vintage animations and underground comics. Whether completing a piece in public outside or painting on canvas or sculpting, Horfee retains a signature style marked by powerful, vibrant color and loose edges. Proudly displaying their flaws instead of hiding them, Horfee's works neatly blur boundaries between street culture and the restrictions of fine art. 

We created this unique box (limited to 20 pieces) in cooperation with Colognes Ruttkowski68 gallery and German design platform Authentics. It includes two printed 100% soft cotton T-Shirts, a set of three post cards and a quality sketchbook with a flexible cover securing 192 pages of finest Munken paper. Big thanks to Ruttkowski68 and Vis-A-Visuell for making this collaboration happen.








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