Wemoto Radio welcomes Rhythm Of Paradise, a man of many names like Nu-Cleo, Gourment De Funk and 34th Floor Experience and a member of groups like Rydm Sectors, Loss Of Gravity, D38 Authority or KETAMA. In this episode Michele delivers us a one hour mix full of his own productions to make you feel good!

Hey Michele, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. How and when was Rhythm Of Paradise born?
Rhythm Of Paradise began as an actual project in 2016, but it was a name I already had in mind years before to earmark for productions with that style of music.

How do you think living in Italy has influenced you both musically and personally?
I don't think I need to explain how Italy had a huge impact on my musical education. You know, over the years the Italians mastered any genre. It was then not difficult to figure out where to start, how to move, when you had a solid foundation. This first led to my personal growth, which was then reflected in my passion (music) and in what to this day occupies a large part of my life.

Do you have any hobbies or passions outside of music?
Passion for soccer and sports in general, but also fishing.

I have always been a huge fan of your productions. How did you come to this style of production? Were there any particular artists who influenced your sound?
I have been influenced by thousands of artists from all genres, there is no one in particular.... I wouldn't even know where to start if I had to mention someone who has had an influence on my sound. To each one I owe something and I will thank all my precursors for giving me something and forging who I am today.

You are also a member of the “Cosmic Rhythm” crew from Bari. How did that happen?
Cosmic Rhythm was the brainchild of Nico (Nico Lahs / Cosmic Garden) and he thought of involving me in this project. Since then, we have been going forward with passion and determination without setting ourselves any limits, in a completely natural way, simply following our creative flow... We are disciples in the service of art. We only and always want to create music that inspires and affects us.

Is there any new music coming out soon? Can you tell us a bit about that?
There are really a lot of things coming out, both with my various monikers and with other projects. I can tell you that I will return with the R.O.P project on Cosmic Rhythm, as 34th Floor Experience (which is a project with a little more "garage" style) with an EP coming out in a few months and, again, many other things with the various projects in combo with Nico... I don't stop/we never stop.

Which artists made the biggest impression on you lately and why?
In recent years an artist who has impressed me pleasantly (and is also a friend of mine) is St. David, who is also a fellow citizen of mine.

How do you approach a DJ set? Do you plan what you will play, or do you decide spontaneously?
I never plan my life, I live everything in the moment. I simply go with the flow.