„I owe everything to skateboardingand my passion for this little pieceof wood is unlimited.“

Wemoto Artist Series with
Lucas Beaufort for Spring & Summer 2022

Born in Cannes in 1981, Lucas Beaufort is a French visionary artist-painter living in a world surrounded by imaginary characters, kind but mischievous monsters, who help him build a positive image on the world and guide his choices every day.

His specialty is using acrylic paint on various bases: canvas, photos, trees, walls, guitars, shoes, cars, bodies... and absolutely everything he can find, with no limit. If the paint sticks then it is a canvas!

For those that don’t know, what and who is Lucas Beaufort?
My name is Lucas Beaufort, I’m a French dreamer traveling the world to spread some love here and there!

You were born and raised in Cannes. What was it like growing up there and to what extent did it influence your artistic work?
Cannes means a lot to me. I grew up in this French California skateboarding and having the best time with my twin brother. I learnt everything living in Cannes, from making friends to learning how to skateboard. Art Came super late, at the age of 27 but I really got into art through skateboarding for sure.

Some time ago you moved to the north of France, to the city of Bernay. Was there a specific reason for moving to the country?
I moved in Normandy for a simple reason. I needed space and wanted to be close to Paris for traveling reason. Since I moved near Bernay I feel like a different man? It’s so calm here, I wake up every morning with the sound of bird ! This is the best feeling.

In 2017 you made a documentary about printed skateboard magazines (Devoted). What role do skateboarding and skateboard magazines in particular play for you?
I grew up with skateboard magazines. I remember the 1st zine I saw in a skateshop based in Toulouse (OKLA). I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was like, how can you jump over things with a skateboard ! It felt unreal and magical at the same time. Back then I was getting Transworld magazine from the US, it was like Christmas every month, being able to get some news from the Mecca of skateboarding. In the nineties, skateboard magazines were huge but the Internet changed the game. I started filming for DEVOTED in 2016 as I wanted to pay a tribute to all those people who documented skateboarding.

„I don’t like to sketch, I just stand in front of a mural or a canvas, look around and I let my hand speak for me“

You’ve worked with so many big brands, from Almost Skateboards and The Northface through to W Hotel Group. Your career spans almost over 20 years, so looking back now - has there been any particular high points?
I feel like working in skateboarding will always be my main goal. I owe everything to skateboarding and my passion for this little piece of wood is unlimited. I watch skate video everyday, it’s a fucking addiction hahah. I love to work in other industries as I need to develop new skills and learn from new world. The Hotel industry is really fascinating and I’m currently really into gastronomy. I just did an incredible experience with two stars chef Jean Sulpice in Talloires (France) and I really want to push boundaries more and more.

When it comes to art, how do you kick-start the creative process? How do you approach a project?
This is really primitive, I don’t like to sketch, I just stand in front of a mural or a canvas, look around and I let my hand speak for me. I always look for the balance first.

How and where do you find inspiration and are there any artistic heroes that have influenced you in your work?

So many people are influencing me such as Zio Ziegler, Andy Rementer, Geoff McFetridge, Jeremyville to mention a few.

Music has always played a big role for us. Is music also important to your creative process? If so, what records are you listening to at the moment?
Music is everything, I never create without music. Currently I love Sofiane Pamart and David Bazan.

Thank you Lucas for your time!