Wemoto · WEMOTO RADIO - 029 - LEA LISA
Lea Lisa is an well-respected DJ and producer hailing from Switzerland, renowned for her captivating house music sets and infectious energy. Raised in the vibrant Swiss electronic music scene, Lea Lisa seamlessly blends elements of deep house to driving techno, and soulful grooves into her sets, creating an immersive and uplifting experience on the dance floor.
Lea Lisa's performances are characterized by her infectious enthusiasm and the ability to effortlessly connect with her audience. Whether she's playing at renowned clubs such as Heideglühen in Berlin, Koko in London or festivals as Nuits sonores and intimate underground gatherings, her dynamic and eclectic style never fails to create an electric atmosphere that keeps the crowd moving.
Beyond her DJ career, Lea Lisa is also an accomplished producer, constantly pushing boundaries and experimenting with her own unique sound. Her releases on Phonica or Wolf Music have garnered support from industry tastemakers, solidifying her status as a strong talent in the global house music scene.
With a deep-rooted love for music and an unwavering dedication to her craft, Lea Lisa continues to make waves as a leading figure in the House music community. Her passion, talent, and unwavering commitment to the art form ensure that she will continue to captivate audiences worldwide with her infectious beats and magnetic performances.

Hey Lea, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. How and when was Lea Lisa born?
I was 17, I'd left school at 16, I discovered raves and house parties, and I knew it was going to be my whole life. I've been living through this music for 30 years now. The more time passes, the more serene you become. I feel like I'm 25 in my head, and despite the passage of time, I get immense pleasure from being a DJ.

You are a resident at the famous Folklor Club in Lausanne. How would you describe the music scene in Lausanne and how does it differ to some of Europe’s clubbing hotspots, such as London or Berlin?
I'd say Lausanne is tiny compared with London and Berlin, but the music scene is ultra-developed. Lausanne has a long history of electronic music. There have always been many DJs, collectives and organizers of parties and record shops, so it's great to be here. For me, it's very important to remain anchored in my city, and that's the aim of my residency. It's very important to remain a player on the local scene, even when you have an international career.

After being inactive as a DJ for some time, you now often share the booth with your daughter. How do you feel about it and does it influence your taste in music?
I wouldn't say it influences me because I've always been in tune with the times. I've passed this passion on to my daughter, and what I'm trying to pass on to her is to have a real musical identity. You can like the same records but have a different approach to playing them. My advice is to have personality and great curiosity, and I'm happy to see that she's different from me, she’s great, that's what reassures me. But I must admit that it's crazy when you think about it... Kerri and I, when we look at her, feel a lot of pride, but we also know that there's a long way to go. I've never suggested that we should be booked together, but I think the promoters think it's a lovely story. On the other hand, I can confirm that we don't want to do a joint project a la Floorplan, haha.

Do you have any hobbies or passions outside of music?
I love design, architecture, and furniture. I would have loved to be a furniture designer. I've started to create them, like my dj booth, my desk and so on. Maybe one day, I'll do something around that.

What’s a typical day in the life of Lea Lisa? Do you have a daytime job or do you spin and make music full time?
It's important to have your feet firmly on the ground. Having a job that's anchored allows me to take a step back from life as a DJ and have the luxury of making only artistic choices. During the week, my job is to help reintegrate people from war-torn countries, refugees or people who are experiencing great difficulties in their lives. When you listen to certain stories, you put a lot of things into perspective. It's humanly enriching. The rest of my time is spent working as a DJ, listening to tons of music, producing from time to time and spending time with my family. I have very busy weeks, but as long as I love what I do, I'll keep going.

What are your other favorite record labels out there at the moment?
I really like Garrett David's Global Swing label, as well as that of my friend Ladymonix (Frizner Electric). They have a real personality and an unstoppable groove.

Can you tell us a bit about the mix? Were there any thoughts or themes behind it?
I let myself be carried away by my feelings. I'd just come back from Georgia, and I was inspired by the vibe of the Bassiani club. Obscure and sexy...
I'm lucky enough to have a loyal community who listen to my mixes, so I take good care of them…

How is your release schedule looking right now? Do you have anything on the horizon you can share with us? 
I've got two very important projects coming out in 2024. I've been working on each for over a year, it's still a bit early to announce it but it's solid stuff ;)