If Marie is not in the booth spinning records, you will more than likely find her on the dancefloor.
Though highly respected by her peers for her vinyl-only mixing style and impeccable selections, she's a fan first and a club kid at heart, which seems to be a major reason for her ability to immediately connect with all different crowds in various settings. As a DJ, Marie Lung is known for her dynamic and engaging sets, which seamlessly blend together different styles of house music. Her performances have taken her to some of the most prestigious festivals, including Fusion, Garbicz or Nachtiville and clubs like Frankfurt's Robert Johnson, Hamburg's Pudel and Berlin's Heideglühen, to name just a few. Having worked on beat making and production for quite a while now, she has just signed her first 12" Vinyl EP "Ivy Blues" to Manchester based label Forever Dreaming.
Despite her growing success, Marie remains grounded and focused on her art, constantly pushing herself to evolve and experiment with new sounds and techniques. With her unique style and infectious energy, Marie Lung is definitely an artist to keep an eye out for.

Hey Marie, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions.
Hey Tilman, thanks for having me. I’m happy to be part of the WEMOTO Radio series next to artists I admire like Lea Lisa or Iron Curtis.

Could you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background and what first got you interested in electronic music?
I grew up in Hamburg, where I got introduced to electronic music in clubs like “Übel & Gefährlich” and “Golden Pudel” when I was 17.
I remember back then it was not really important to me what kind of music the DJ was playing; I was more fascinated (and still am) what the music did to the people. I am always searching for this certain feeling of community and trust within the crowd. I got involved in the scene with the Hamburg art collective ILL, along with some of my closest friends and DJs whom I greatly admire to this day, like POWER SUFF GIRLS, MOMO or Helge Misof. We threw a lot of parties and this really ignited my passion for Djing. Good times :D

You were born in Hamburg and moved to Berlin a few years ago. How do you think living in Berlin has influenced you both musically and personally
To be honest I always liked Berlin for a weekend trip and I was happy to leave after a couple of days. But 6 years ago, I got a job offer which made me move to Berlin. And what can I say. I still love it here. The rumors are true: Berlin is a vibrant city which offers a lot diversity in terms of music and art. Oh and of course food! Berlin is a foodie heaven. You can choose from any kitchen you want and often still get it for a decent price. Especially in summertime it’s a place like no other. People are outside in parks or at the lakes, having a blast.

Did Berlin influence me musically? 100%. In Berlin you have a pulsating electronic music scene which invites you to dive in and discover. For me personally the Club HEIDEGLÜHEN plays an important role in terms of House Music. It is hands down one of the best clubs I have ever been to. Not only because of the music. Here, you find exactly what I mentioned before: The feeling of community and trust. It’s almost like a cosy living room which invites you to stay.

Did Berlin influence me personally? I think it goes hand in hand with my musically experience. For example, I found some of my best friends on dancefloors in Berlin. And for me friends are the chosen family. So yes, it did influence me greatly!

What’s a typical day in the life of Marie? Do you have a daytime job or do you make music full time?
I moved to Berlin because of my daytime job 6 years ago. I work in the medical field. But right now, I’m taking a break from being a doctor to fully concentrate on music.

Your first EP „Ivy Blues“ came out on Dreaming Forever last November, congratulations! How did the idea for the record come about?
There was never a plan or idea of becoming a producer in the first place to be honest. It kinda found me and it’s a funny story: so, during the corona pandemic I got invited to play a couple of shows at the streaming platform HÖR. After one set I got a message from Joseph K from Manchester, telling me about his plans to start his new label “Dreaming Forever” and if I would be interested to contribute some original music. Of course, this got me hooked and I sat down and did some first drafts. As soon as I thought they are ready to be shown I sent them over and he loved them right away. Furthermore I got 2 killer remixes from Session Victim’s Matthias Reiling and Techno veteran .VRIL. I couldn’t be happier about the result.

How is your studio looking and which pieces are your favourite at the moment? How do you start a new tune? 
I have all my gear at home. I use Ableton and some additional hardware like my beloved Fender Rhodes Piano, a YAMAHA SK20 synthesizer, a Roland Space Echo, and a Behringer RD 909. The latest piece I got is a Roland JV 1080. I just looove pads and strings from the 90ties, can’t help it :D
How do I start a new tune? Most of the time I hear a vocal sample that somehow touches me and then I try to build around it. It does not always work though :D

Which artists made the biggest impression on you lately and why?
Tough question. There is not one artist in particular which made a big impression. But if I would have to name one then it’s got to be Mr. G. A true living underground legend. I admire his groovy productions a lot. 

What methods do you typically use to discover new music? Do you still enjoy digging around in dusty crates, or do you prefer to buy online?
There is nothing else that beats a dusty untouched crate full of potential gems. First thing I do when going to a new city is visit a record store. I do buy online on discogs or decks, hhv, deejay, juno as well. I find my inspiration often on YouTube.

How do you approach a DJ set? Do you plan what you will play, or do you decide spontaneously?
It depends which slot I’m about to play. For a warm up set I certainly pack differently than for a peak time or early morning set. The process of packing my record bag is crucial, as I’m a vinyl-only DJ, so there’s no Plan B 10 GB USB stick in my back pocket ;).

Regarding the order of my tracks, I always decide when I’m at the venue. I think that is one of the key things that make a DJ good: Read the crowd and go with the flow. Anything else will be stiff and implausible.

Can you tell us a bit about the mix? Were there any particular thoughts or themes behind it? 
The mix was recorded at home with 2 turntables and a Xone23 mixer. It pretty much shows what I like to play right now. Uplifting and Groovy. I picture my girlfriends and me getting ready for a party together.

What do you have up your sleeve for the rest of the year and what are you looking forward to most this summer?
I have some new beats in the making I really want to get out there. My goal is to release a second EP this year. I’m looking forward to some cute festivals this summer in the UK. I just returned from my first international tour in India and Sri Lanka and I would love to play some more foreign countries.

Jeremiah - Sun
Mr YT - Evening
Pure science- The Art of Being
Mountain People - Mountain023.1
Omni’s.m. - can we get
Herbert - See you Monday
South Street Player - Fresh Fruit Dub
Madcat - Heard It
Neutral Rhythm - original Jive
Soul Providers - Set me free (original mix)
DJ Sneak - Crashin‘ Out
K-Lone - Drumz!
Gourmet de Funk - Never Lost
Marshall Jefferson - Mushrooms (Salt City Orchestra Remix)